Friday, February 18, 2011

Wicked Weekend Wonders

How’s that alteration for yah? Haha
Must be the amazing weather we’re having because I am pumped about the three day weekend I have! That’s right…you have permission to be jealous. I have a THREE day weekend! :) WHOO HOO.
Ryan’s parents will be in town, which is awesome because it’s been awhile since we’ve seen them. There isn’t really anything specific we have planned with them, but the flexibility of them coming to visit once a month is a nice change of pace from the 5+ years they were in Indiana. We will of course be doing a family dinner with my parents coming over and, fingers crossed, Ryan cooking something FABULOUS!!
Tonight I believe we are going to do guys/girls nights with close friends of ours. The guys are going to do poker…blah! And the girls are going to gossip and drink wine…YAY! That’s my kind of night. I’m very excited to hang out with my lady friends. It’s always a rockin good time! Speaking of wine…
I did not do a post for Valentine’s Day but I wanted to update with a few gifts I received from Ryan. He always knows the staple gift for me is WINE! And while some may have their opinions about choosing wine, labels with an animal shouldn’t steer your wrong, I must say Ryan is an expert at getting me bottles of wine I love! My palette has changed quite a bit recently; I like to think I’m maturing, so I can now drink red & white. Here are two types of wine I am in love with, which Ryan bought for me on V-Day. 

Both are very reasonably priced, don’t like to spend a lot of money on wine, and I highly recommend them!

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