Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tough Week

I don't usually take to this blog to vent, and trust me this blog won't be a long winded post, but this week has been a really tough one and I am so thankful to have had the weekend to recover!

You may be asking "what happened?" and trust me when I tell you it's isn't anything major. Everyone has all of their body parts/limbs, nothing happened to the house or anything like that. But it's been one of those weeks that the small "issues" add up to a big inconvenience.

  1. First up on the list-massive project at work! So we've taken on this rather large promotion/campaign at work and there are a LOT of moving parts. It's bigger than the Red, White and BBQ campaign we're working on now,  which is saying something because this month has been busy! I'm always up for a challenge and I'm eager to get this project started, but this week required many meetings to get all of the assignments figured out. Not bad {by any means} just a lot.
  2. Second up? A presentation in front of the other businesses with Dominion Enterprises on social media advertising. I wouldn't say I'm a good public speaker, but I'm not terrible. I've done presentations in the past and I always get nervous, but that wasn't the "issue". On top of a busy week I needed to take time to compile the data from our advertising campaigns and place it in a format for the panel discussion. {more to come on this}
  3. The final straw that broke the camel's back? My computer went kablooie!! That's right, Wednesday morning when I came into the office my computer wouldn't let me login. It decided to play a fun game of turn on, restart, repeat. So a very nice IT technician came up and did a test for what was suppose to be an hour to diagnose the problem. About 5 hours later it allowed me to login!! Yup, lost about half of day of productivity. {Just for everyone's FYI, I kept myself plenty busy with cleaning/organizing my desk-which was desperately needed-and sitting in already scheduled meetings, but I felt ill prepared} Oh, and it gets better! So after I get it back up & backup my hard drive-cause a little scare like that will make you rethink what you could lose-and work the rest of the day. Thursday morning I come in and guess what? It did it again!!!! So I was without my computer for two and a half days this week, which was fine. I got set-up on a backup computer {which I'm using right now} but there was a lot of back-and-forth of getting it set up for Internet, hooked up to the network to access my files, printers being installed, blah, blah, blah. Urgh.... :(

So there it is, my mini-rant about my tough week. I feel silly typing it out because it doesn't really seem like a whole heck of a lot, and could have been a whole lot worse in comparison to other things, but combined it made for one extremely busy {talking 9-10 hour days} week. I didn't feel as prepared for my presentation because I wasn't able to pull all the data without my computer working, which sucks, but that's the way the cookie

Fingers crossed this week will be less eventful and I'll be able to get some blogging in. I've got a under/over wine party that I'm getting crafty with & can't wait to show off my mad skills {total sarcasm}. :) Till then....

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