Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yard Work Continues

So this week we are getting some yardwork/landscaping redone. Actually, 2012 is all about the outside with us just getting our backyard deck redone and now onto the landscaping/yard work. The backyard is complete, but now it's time for the side area by our AC unit and the front by our driveway {remember the shrubbery}. Here's the before again, to truly appreciate the after...

So the bushes are overgrown, of course, and while I try to get out there every other week it still doesn't seem to be enough. So gone they are. Ready??

We'll need to do a little cleaning up but having the bushes removed makes it look cleaner and better yet, it helps reduce the little critters (i.e. ants) that like to crawl everywhere. So whatta think? Bare, I know. But makes me super happy. Less maintenance and it looks less white-trash! ;)

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