Monday, July 23, 2012

Landscaping Makeover Complete!

I'm super pumped to share the last segment of the yard/landscaping work we're having done to the house. We've had the backyard done, the side of the house and now the front flowering bed and the deck. There is a lot at stake with this portion of the work as it'll really help improve the curb appeal of our home.

We're not looking to move any time soon, but it's nice to not be the ugly house on the block-yah know? I wouldn't be surprised if our neighbors called HGTV Curb Appeal: The Block on our ass. But not anymore. But before I show you that transformation, let me remind you of the hideousness of the before pictures.

The previous owners clearly loved ponds by the fact there was one in the back and one in the front. The stone shape here was a pond but we ripped that out when we first moved in. TERRIBLE for mosquitoes. EEK! However, the owners were so fond of ponds that they had a cement surround. So Carter, from Koastal Landscaping Services, had to bring a sledge hammer to remove it all. That job was about 2 solid days in this blistering heat....yeah, wouldn't wanna be him!

Ready for the after photo? {Please prepare your best shocked face!}

In case you can't read it, the flag says Twitter!

So there are small bushes in the back near the deck which are suppose to be really easy to maintain. We can let them grow to get large, or keep them small {which is what I'm thinking}. You can also see the three grass plants which adjourn the rock wall {reused from the previous pond wall} and we have day lilies on the side near the front deck.

Speaking of deck, did you notice the difference in colors? Let me show the before & after next to one another for a better comparison.

And that's it! The 2012 plans for improving the outdoor space is complete! We got the back and front decks redone, the front, back & side yards landscpaed/mulched. I'd say that is one successful summer, wouldn't you?! :) Now it's time to celebrate with a PARTY!


  1. Looks great Gillian! Love the updates! Keep it up girl. :)

  2. Thanks Jen! It feels so nice to walk up to a house that looks as good on the outside as the inside, esp since we're not yard people. LOL.

  3. Your front yard looks great! I need help with mine. We have crappy soil and everything I plant dies.

    1. Brandi-I know what you mean girl! I manage to kill every plant known to mankind. It's crazy. That's why I had to hire someone to do this space. I do not have a green thumb at all. LOL