Thursday, July 12, 2012

Backyard Revamp 2012

As we make our improvements to the outside of our house, first up on the agenda is completely tearing out the overgrown shrubbery {that word always makes me think of the Monte Python movie}. Here is the before picture of the overgrown crap that we were blessed with...

It took about 8 hours to do it all, but the results are so worth it. When it comes to the back yard, if I want any "sparkle" or "glam" like flowers then I'll put a potted plant out there. That way when it dies, which it inevitably will, I can just throw it out. LOL. So here's the after photos...

Like I said, nothing crazy spectacular but just a little bit cleaner! :) Now this is something I can maintain. We still need to get feed & seed for that area where the pond was, but apparently the grass won't grow because of the heat. So we'll wait a few months for that.

Next on the agenda is the front of the drive way and the side of the house! Can't wait. {insert giddy laugh}

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