Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Style Guide Brings Color in a BIG WAY!

This summer brings lots of fun colors including orange, pink and more! I read in Better Homes & Gardens the July issue an interview with Today show fashion expert Jill Martin stated that the best thing about dressing for summer is using surprising color combinations. "You're now able to put color together in a way that's bold. {The only combo that doesn't work is red and green because it screams holiday.} As a rule of thumb, though, warm colors look best with warm colors, and cool with cool" said Martin.

With that in mind, I rocked two different outfits this week that had packed some color! First up, a casual outfit with some new shorts I bought at the Loft.

The polo shirt I had in my closet for several years. And the stripped purse was something my SIL gave me. PERFECT for summer! Especially with the 90 degree heat we've had in Virginia.

Next up? An outfit I just bought and was very eager to rock at work. The necklace was something I had my eye on for awhile & was just waiting for it to go on discount. SCORE! Last week I received a coupon and NY&Company launched CLEARANCE on all of their inventory. Insert Gillian's credit card HERE! LOL

Oh, and in case you didn't realize this from previous style guide photos-my hair is cut super short! ;) Do you like??


  1. Love it, girl! Makes me want to go SHOPPING! :)

  2. LOL You totally should! You look adorable in everything. ;) This summer I have been trying to pair all sorts of colors. Some combinations work {above} and some do not! Ha. Oh well, it's fun!!