Sunday, April 29, 2012

Noblemen Wine Festival

Yesterday my friend Amanda, from Walk a Day in My Flip Flops, and I went to the Noblemen Princess Anne Wine Classic in Pungo. It was held on a picturesque 80 acre horse farm complete with white picket fences and horses roaming the adjoining pastures as we sip fine Virginia wines and taste craft beers. I've never been to a wine festival (SHOCKER...I KNOW) but I was ready to lose my virginity. ;)

Anywho, so we went in the afternoon and it was very chilly. I was not a fan as I dressed cute in a summer dress. BIG MISTAKE! After we got through the first three tents it started to rain, like HARD. So we went to the tent with food (which was a GREAT idea b/c neither of us had eaten in about 6 hours and started feeling tipsy with the wine). We ate a little bit and decided we needed a bottle from the first tent to help occupy our time while we waited out the storm.

We are feeling no pain! ;)

That's right, an entire bottle....and we drank the whole thing! It was delicious, Chardonnay from First Colony Winery. After our last sip of the bottle the sun came out to play & we were ready to receive him! ;) First we went to go see some horses.

Hello pretty horsey.


Smile pretty :)

Why  hello!

A little camera shy.

Up close and personal.
What a great name! :D

Pretty white horse.
Then we went to the rest of the tents to sample their wines. We had to finish up pretty fast because the rain took about 30 mins out of the afternoon & the vendors had to stop sampling at 5:30pm.  Unfortunately some of the vendors selling wine type gifts had to close up shop & Amanda wasn't able to get her "Its wine o'clock somewhere' koozie. Maybe next time....

I had a great time at the festival and scored a couple bottles of wine that we sampled. I look forward to drinking them in the upcoming weeks. And now that my so called "cherry" has been popped, I think I'll be a regular at some other wine festivals soon. Tis the season!

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