Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Famous!

Not really.....but I was interviewed by a writer over at Ragan.com, a  leading publisher of corporate communications, public relations, marketing and social media regarding Homes.com Pinterest efforts and the Pinterest white paper I published. And today I saw the interview in written form over on their website: 'Brand reveal strategies that work best on Pinterest.'

Here's a fun quote from the interview (just in case you don't rush over to Ragan.com to read it immediately):

"Take a quick look through Homes.com's 23 Pinterest boards and you'll notice not everything is about the house itself. One board is full of pet photos. Another is for dessert treats. There's also one about organizing closets. Luce says it's all about "writing your home story," to show the lives people live in their homes are as important to the brand as the building.

"Even if it's not the envelope of the home itself, we want to be a part of that story," she says."

How smart do I sound?! I'm usually my toughest critic, but I have to admit I'm pretty proud at how well I did. I love that I'm not just apart of some amazing things over at Homes.com, but really paving the way into new social media sites for our brand. SMILE. :D

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