Sunday, February 5, 2012

#FebPhotoADay Time Again

It's day five in the February photo challenge and guess what's on the agenda? 10am. What does 10am look like to you? For me, it looks like breakfast time!! :)

Breakfast means Chobani yogurt!

Enjoying it...delicious!
Most mornings I am at work at 10am (DUH) but more than that I am at work eating my breakfast. I have never been a person to eat breakfast before I go to work. It seems too early for me, especially since my mornings are spent running around. So with that, I wait till I go to work. And I can’t just plop myself down and eat as soon as I get to work-nope! I check my email, get situated and usually there is always something that needs to get done asap! So that takes precedence over me eating my yummy and healthy breakfast. So by the time 10am rolls around, I am starved! So I eat my yogurt.

If you’re not familiar with Chobani yogurt you are in for a delight! I’ve always been a fan of yogurt but never tried Greek yogurt. Everything I heard made it seem less than appealing so I just avoided it. My best friend, and health guru, told me over and over again how delicious Chobani was but still I avoided it. It wasn't until my husband, not a health guru at all-in fact he only eats what’s delicious to him, started buying it that I finally got the clue. And boy oh boy I’m glad I did! For little calories, this breakfast item keeps me full for a long time.

And I love all the delicious flavors offered (when you can find them). Here’s my fav in order:

1.    Black Cherry
2.    Raspberry
3.    Strawberry
4.    Blueberry
5.    Pomegranate
6.    Peach/Mango
7.    Strawberry Banana
8.    Pineapple (not last b/c of taste but b/c it’s more calories than the aforementioned items)

As you can see a great variety for any yogurt lover! So there you have it, my 10am looks like breakfast; speaking of which, I’m hungry and will be going to eat now. :)

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