Friday, February 3, 2012

#FebPhotoaDay Day Three

Day 3 topic: HANDS

This is a picture of only one hand, but when I look down at my hands I tend look down at my engagement ring and wedding band. It may seem silly to have so much joy in an inanimate object but I really do love those two rings. When my husband and I got engaged, we were just fresh out of college which means that the engagement ring was what he could afford while in college (not a whole lot). Please don’t mistake that to mean that I wasn’t appreciative of what he gave me or in any way was disappointed. That’s not it at all, we just came to realize later on down the road that it was a little bit small.
Anywho, fast forward a couple years and after a nice tax refund I asked the hubs if I could upgrade. There was a lot of debate, not from him-he was completely okay with it, but in my head. Here were my dilemmas: 

1) I didn’t NEED to upgrade. It was a selfish desire.
2) It would be a LOT of money to upgrade the size I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, not like 10k or anything but still…a couple grand is a LOT of money to me! 
3) That money could be used for X,Y,Z which is always how I push off spending money because of the expense it could help pay down.
With those three issues in my head, I still went for it. And I am ever so happy I did! There are times I wonder about the extra expense and think if it was worth it, but when I look down at my hands I smile. And that makes the answer clear!!

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