Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thirty One Things about ThirtyOne

So...have you heard about the latest and greatest ThirtyOne? I first heard of it when my friend brought in a catalog at work. Much like Mary Kay, ThirtyOne is a home consulting company where you invite a consultant into your home to throw a party with your best gal pals.

I've attended one party, hosted a party and plan on attending another one in a month! These accessory items are truly fantastic. Last month I bought a sweet purse and lunch tote. Anyone who knows me knows I pack lunch religiously. As such, a lunch tote was a much needed purchase! The purse, however, was a fun buy. ;)

Here is my purse, I got the brown patchwork! :)
For my hostess party, I got LOTS of goodies! In addition to Christmas gifts (yes, I'm a planner), I got more FUN items for myself...

Organizing tote I bought at my party!

So here's thirtyone things I love about thirtyone! 1. Very trendy 2. Practical accessories 3. Style for everyone 4. Functional pieces for every day 5. Personalization 6. Patterns that match your personality or decor 7. Vibrant colors 8. Polka dots 9. Paisely 10. Great storage solutions 11. Reasonably priced 12. Cute baby items 13. Girly or gender neutral 14. Old and young can appreciate 15. Beautiful BLUE 16. Gorgeous Green 17. Seasonal colors 18. The great hostess gifts 19. Purses 20. Luggage tags 21. Luggage 22. Nail files 23. Scarves 24. Bibs/Robes 25. Storage totes 26. Baskets 27. Cosmetic cases 28. Compact mirrors 29. Backpacks 30. Umbrellas and finally, 31. Beach totes to get you through SUMMER!

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