Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I’m Broken…

At least that’s what I tell my husband more than once a week; probably because I feel broken quite often. For being an actively healthy 26 (almost 27) year old I seem to get hurt a lot! 

Case in point, right before a half marathon run at Disney World I feel out of my father’s truck and busted my knee and elbow (still ran it and did my best time). I’ve tripped numerous times while running in my neighborhood, kick more coffee tables than known to man, broke my arm, and severely twisted my ankle (needing to wear a boot), etc. Since these injuries seem to happen very frequently it makes me feel as though I’m broken. 

The latest incident? While playing my first soccer game this season I strained/pulled my calf muscle. It has been almost seven days since then and I’m still hobbling about! I am broken! Make matters worse? This exercise obsessed chick hasn’t worked out in 7 days on top of it. It hasn’t been too bad with the amount of work going on (missing the gym) but the weekend is a clear reminder of what I’m missing! I want to go running, I want to be outside and in the fresh air… URGH!

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  1. Ok homie, I'mma need for you to not break yourself up like that! Don't let me come home and find you laid up in the bed because you're so broken lol!