Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kicks and Giggles

I’m happy to say that soccer season is about to start up once again. YAY! It’s been so long since I’ve played. Although I’ve kept in shape these last few months, kicking around the soccer ball in my first game will surely do a number on my body! Never realize what different muscles you use for different exercises. :)
The Virginia Beach Oceanfront during the Tournament
I’m super pumped to going back on the field and playing. This sport I love so much, that I’ve played since I was in elementary school, will be a part of my life forever!
In addition to the women’s season I’m about to start, this time of year means that the Sand Soccer Tournament at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront will be coming up soon! That truly is an amazing experience. Playing soccer, heck running in the sand is no easy task. It’s hard on your feed and legs. And heaven forbid that the sand be scorching hot as was the case a few years ago. (I’m no sissy, but if you can’t wear TWO pairs of socks and be comfortable because of the heat on the sand…it’s too dang hot!) I recall having to crawl to a near-bye blanket when I got hurt just to get off the sweltering sand. But it’s a great workout and a fantastic time with friends and family; especially since my family and I typically make a weekend of it by renting a hotel room at the boardwalk. 
So women’s season and sand soccer BEWARE! Caz this chick is ready to take it ALL ON!

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