Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cupcake Delivery

Today we got a special delivery at work….CUPCAKES! In Hampton Roads there is a company called Twister Sister Cupcakes which travels to cities like Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and now Norfolk.  They can sell cupcakes out of their van or, like in Downtown Norfolk, do pre-oders (in ½ dozen increments). 
A couple of us got together to order a ½ dozen to get them out to our building. The flavors of choice were based on their current menu which was two Irish car bombs (in honor of St. Patty’s Day), two Elephant in the room (peanut butter flavor), one hostess with the mostess (chocolate lovers dream) and strawberry lemonade smash (lemon cake with strawberry frosting).  Here are a few pictures of our treats:
From top left to bottom: Hostess with the Mostess (looks like a ho ho), Elephant in the room
(one underneath), Irish Car Bombs (one underneath) and Strawberry Lemonade Smash

My treat loving friend Amanda taking her first bite!

Another treat loving friend taking a bite of her Irish Car Bom

My second round of trying their cupcake, renewed a little faith in the bakery...

I have to say the build up for these cupcakes were pretty momentous. But much like the phrase states “the anticipation is usually better than the actual event!”Unfortunately, this was the case with these cupcakes! While super cute, the flavors of the cake left something to be desired. It could be the frozen state of our cupcakes, but the cake itself was not moist. In addition, my lemon cupcake (which I waited two weeks to order) did NOT taste like lemon! (Insert heart breaking noise) I was crushed and so were my fellow treat loving fiends. However, I would like to state that we ordered an extra cupcake to make it to the ½ dozen pre-order requirement. That was the hostess with the mostess cupcake. Given my disappointment with mine (which I stopped eating after two bites), I ate this delicious cupcake. Chocolate it was with a delicious creamy filling. While great tasting, and renewed a little faith in this cupcake bakery, it sadly wasn’t spectacular enough to warrant the $3 price tag. 
If I’m in the mood for a treat, I know I always have the peanut butter cupcake at the Main Street Starbucks to tie me over. Smaller in size (less calories), smaller in price (only $1.50) and positively scrumptious! Sorry Twisted Sisters…I will try you again in the future, but just not anytime soon.

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