Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pallet Wall FAIL

The other day I saw a picture onFacebook from Brittany at Pretty Handy Girl. She posted a blog, and photo, of her AMAZING pallet wall. Here's the pix:

As you can see, totally cute and something that would absolutely appeal to me-right? We have a wooden wall in our house, remember our home was built in the 70s, so this seemed like an easy thing I could put inside my home. I already had green paint from our kitchen, the blue color from our fireplace wall, and white paint for the guest bedroom, so I thought I'd take a stab at recreating this for our home {Ryan was even okay with it, which meant I needed to HOP on it QUICK!}

So I went to labeling some of the wood pieces for the colors I wanted. I thought it would be easier to start painting once I had a game plan of where the colors would go.

Once I did that, I started with the green paint from the kitchen. I got about half way done with the green paint when I stepped back and looked at the whole space.

And that's when I decided the pallet wall was a major FAIL! See, while I LOVE the idea of a pallet wall and the colors, asthetics work perfectly with the home and my style, it just didn't work well with the other patterns inside the space. Given that we have open concept with our living room and dining room next to one another, that means the dining room needs to play nice with the living room.

These are our curtains, slight pattern.

The entertainment stand I painted a while ago.

Rug on top of our carpet.

You might think I'm crazy {and if you do, and strongly believe I made the wrong decision please let me know! I could be airing on the side of caution when I made the choice, but can easily be talked out of it!} but I just didn't think the pallet wall would complement the other pattens in the space. The curtains aren't too crazy, but they do have stripes at the bottom. The entertainment stand has a pattern as well with the green and white on select locations and finally, the rug; which I actually think would complement the pallet wall if it didn't have the other elements.

I don't know....I struggle with mixing patterns and fabrics together in home decor. In apperal I'm all over it but in home decor I doubt myself and decide to opt out. Maybe I'll attempt it again when I'm feeling more confident. Today I'm going to consider it a FAIL! LOL.

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  1. This is your home, and ultimately you should do what pleases you. However, in my opinion (since you've asked readers) I wouldn't do a varying colors pallet wall with your existing rug. It could look fine with the other elements but the rug and the pallet wall definitely would not play nicely.

    You have a lot of pattern going on with what I can see in your photos. The inspiration photo has basically the pallet "pattern" as the only pattern in the room. Everything else is "no pattern".

    So here's a suggestion: Find a paint color you like (maybe the one used on your dresser?), get some white paint and make up your own varying light to dark shades of that one color. It's paint. You can always repaint it if you don't like it. What you'd be going for is more of a textural look highlighting the boards, rather than a patterned look of the pallet wall in your inspiration photo.

    All that being said, if it was my room (and of course I can't see the rest of the room in the pics) I would be painting the wall with a wash of just one color that you like that works with other existing colors in the room. Let the wood be the "star" with its own textures. OR...Sand off the planks to get a little more rustic finish and leave them "as is" :-) We had a half wall in our other home that was constructed by the former owners from old barn boards. It had no sealant or anything...very rustic. That was kind of the centerpiece in the room and it looked quite nice so we left it.

    Good luck with your decorating! Decorate your rooms the way your "decorate" your self with your clothing and you'll be happy :-)