Tuesday, April 5, 2011


That’s right….I’m back into the swing of things. For what feels like a very LONG week I was sick. It wasn’t a death bed sick which explains the very long feeling as I didn’t take off any time from work to recuperate; however, this weekend I took to my bedroom and caught up on the much needed rest from the week. Who knew a person could sleep so much! It’s almost been a full seven days, but I’m finally feeling like my old self. And just in the nick of time as I will be leaving for Jamaica in-count them-THREE DAYS!! Picture it, beautiful sunshine lying on the beach with drinks in hand. Can you say HEAVEN on earth! :)  I’m so excited. Anyways…more on that to come later. For now, I’ve checked in. I’m not dead and I will be posting more this week! Take care.

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