Thursday, December 30, 2010


So in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a blog vacation. There is really only one reason I can atrribute my absense to…and that would be WORK! It has been so super crazy at work that I haven’t gotten to catch my breath. I think I worked an excess of 7 hours one week because of all the madness!
So here’s the low down for the gap of my posts…
Ryan’s dad moved to Maryland! They actually didn’t get the house I posted previously, but they got a nice house on the same stretch of road. Its actually a fairly decent size and I can picture us spending a lot of time there. We went up to help them move in one weekend. Poor Ryan had to lift all sorts of heavy furniture with his dad. Bailey came with us and took up residence in the bay window. Ryan’s mom put a blanket up there for him to have a nice little bed. Wish I took a picture of him sunbathing himself! But we’re totally excited about them being nearby.
Absolutely amazing! Had an awesome time. My father-in-law came into town since he’s living in Marlyand now. It has been years since we’ve had a Christmas with him. So it was really nice to spend the holiday with him and my family. We did Christmas Eve and Christmas Day brunch at our house. Had some amazing food that both Ryan and I prepared such as Jimmy Dean sausage roll and a cheesy hashbrown dish. For Christmas dinner I cooked for the first time a sweet potatoe casserole as well as a peppermint cheesecake. Ryan made a delicious lionberry lamb for the main dish (he’s such an awesome chef!). 
Everyone seemed really happy and surprised about the gifts we got them. I created a gift certificate for my dad to play soccer this spring & crinkled cash in the box to surround the gift certificate. My mom got a Color Me Mine gift certificate, which is a place to paint pottery. I thought that’d be a fun experience for her and I to do. I was super excited for Ryan’s gift. I got him a cooking class gift certificate. The wonderful people at Young Chefs Academy allowed me to get him a gift certificate for an adult cooking class next year. Ryan can choose which class to attend and a professional chef will show us how to prepare the meal! J He was pretty excited & surprised about that. And he surprised me as well! I got a pack of 10 pearl braclets in a variety of colors. I absolutely LOVE them!
Okay, that word I didn’t actually make up. The weather man called the recent blizzard we had the ‘snowmagedon’ & I just took it from him. But that’s what we had here in Hampton Roads! A crazy snow storm like no other. I cannot believe we got 13+ inches of snow over Christmas weekend. Everything was shut down for two days!! I spent an hour the other morning trying to get the driveway cleared up and snow off of our cars to be able to drive to the store. As my father-in-law left he said ‘you guys should really think about investing in a snow shovel..’ Great advice NOW! LOL. And besides, it’s not like we get this kind of snow EVER! I mean seriously, this was insane.

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