Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Worthy

You know those weekends you look back and think 'what did I do?' But with a smile on your face? No? You have no idea what I mean? Well, that's a shame. That is what this past weekend was for me. I did absolutely nothing significant, but at the same time I had an absolute blast!

My in-laws came into town to cheer me up which was pretty nice. I'm one of those lucky people that actually enjoy my in-laws, which is good because they come and visit quite frequently! LOL. After more than a TWO year boycott, I finally decided to join the gym again. It had been almost two months since my last "real" work-out (I put that in quotes because, while I do long walks often I rarely consider that a work-out) so it was time to get back on the wagon! We went and saw a movie at the theaters and ate amazing food (again, good I returned to the gym). ;)

Yesterday the hubby and I spent the entire day on the couch watching White Collar. It's a new series we started watching on Netflix. Gotta love those streaming services which allow you to watch endless amounts of shows you never knew you wanted to watch. Whatever, I enjoyed being a fat lazy bum with my two loves-Bailey & Ry. Oh, and the weather in Hampton Roads has warmed up. I'm not one of those people that get bad at a nice day in winter. I'll take the little break of scraping ice off my car in the morning, thank you!

All in all, this weekend has be raising my hands screaming Hallelujah for the good, but certainly not too memorable, time. (In case you're having trouble imagining what that might look like, I've trusted Google to illustrate it for me).

How was your weekend?

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