Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stylin & Profilin'

I have spent an inordinate amount of time stalking fashion blogs these last few weeks. It started while I was stuck in the house during Hurricane Sandy, then it became a crutch when I was drugged up on cold medicine. Regardless, I'm hooked.

So you know my love for Pinterest right? {I've shared this love affair many times on the blog} Well, while pinning some apparel options I found a pin from Audrey at Putting Me Together and decided to visit her site. What started as an innocent pin turned into hours of sifting through her blog. I've been looking at my wardrobe lately thinking of pieces I need to purchase to be "trendy" or look more professional for work (at we have tons of good lookin' ladies who make our department feel more like a fashion runway then a marketing department).

But Audrey has helped me look at my wardrobe with a new set of eyes. Her series on building a remixible wardrobe is brilliant! It helped me develop a whole new appreciation for the current pieces I have and ways to rework them with others in my closet.

While her tips seem pretty basic, I just didn't think to look at my shirts and say 'oh, I can take this blouse and make you fit with these pants, plus add a belt!' Please don't tell me I'm alone on this one. Audrey is solely responsible for me waking up one morning and spending an hour on the floor in my closet jotting down 50+ different ideas with my current clothes. maybe I am alone on this portion. ;)

The next person I've been spending WAY TOO MUCH time stalking is Kendi from Kendi Everyday. This is a wicked talented lady who snaps photos of her stylish attire each day (yup, each day) on her blog. She's also a boutique owner of Bloom in Texas, a speaker, photographer and all around great gal {listen to me, like we're besties or something}. Her style is pretty quirky which is something I've been accused of (I have friends who say 'oh, that is a Gill outfit'. So clearly I have a distinct style.), so I really enjoy the items she pairs together.

Both of these fine ladies have definitely helped bring new life to my wardrobe, which isn't actually all that stellar, but have challenged me to make it work with what I've got. My husband appreciates their inspiration completely! ;) So bottom line, I'll be sharing a couple of my new and improved outfit ideas on this blog. I'm not at all a fashion person, although I secretly hope to be as stylish as these ladies, but I do get a sense of joy when I've put together an outfit I'm especially proud of. May not come from a mannequin at any store I've ever seen, but it'll put a smile on my face which is just as awesome!

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